As I lay here in a dark hotel room and my kids are laying in bed trying to fall asleep, waiting for the big day we have planned in the morning at Dallas Comic Con . . . I reflect on the times we have spent doing things together as a family.  I often think back to my childhood and the adventures I had with my family growing up.

As a kid my family would drive to Canada for holidays or during the summer to visit relatives . . . Or took trips to visit family or friends in other parts of the country.  So many memories . . . Sometimes we even got lost on . . . Doin short cuts . . . Out in the middle of no where . . . On dirt country roads . . . On one trip to Canada, it got pretty late and the border had closed for the night . . . The only place to stay was a very old, run down, very rustic, wild west like hotel, that had no furnture in the ole time rooms other than a bare mattress on the bare wood floor . . . A window in one room was stuck open and you could hear the mice scurrying up and down the walls. We were glad to scurry out early the next morning.

Oh the memories of family travels  . . . Something I knew I wanted to give to my own kids . . . Times they could reflect back on with fondness . . . A few of those memories we’ve created with them thus far I suppose will be looked back on with some chuckles.  From they’re first time staying in a motel in Wichita to one of our biggest vacation flubs so far, which could resemble something in a Chevy Chase’s Griswald family movie . . . Booking a trip to San Antonio with all the arrangements to Sea World planned and nice fancy Hotel, only to arrive on a day they had schedued as closed for park maintance during an off season day.  I am still not sure how we were sold tickets for that day, or why we didn’t call to verify beforehand, but it will be something we’ll always look back on as one of those memorable trips.  We ended up making the best of it and went to the Zoo.

Memories . . . Create them with your family and kids as best you can . . . One saying that has really stuck with me lately . . . spend money on memories not things.  It’s hard sometimes and we don’t have a lot of money to spend, but we make the best of it . . . For us, spending the weekend in Dallas for a Comic Convention has been a vacation staple . . . We will always have our family photo op we did with Stan Lee to look back on to give us a smile.

Coarse, there is always the two trips to California we took with my Parents.  Driving to Cali with the 6 of us in a Honda Pilot . . . With Grandma and Em doing sudoku during the overnight driving shifts,  or having to make a quick pit stop at an indian reservation shop to clean out one of the many makeshift car sickness buckets

Memories . . . What will you look back on with your kids and remember