Soul mate – a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

Synonym – partner, friend, true love, companion, mate, better half, counterpart, confidante, helpmate, cohort, sidekick

Whatever word you choose, all of them could easily describe my Husband and I.  I am not sure how it all worked out so perfectly that in all the billions of people on earth, that it just so happened that two people who fit together like perfect puzzle pieces, came to find each other.   It’s almost uncanny how much two people can think and be so much alike on so many issues and topics . . . it might come out in different terminology, but in 98% or more of all the things you could think to ask or talk to us about, we probably give the same answers.  I am not sure what to think of destiny or fate, but maybe when God created the universe, he had it mapped out for us to be, I don’t know.  Maybe out of pure happenstance of the choices we made, we ended up together.  ~  Serendipity

I grew up in Gridley, California and for a brief time Scott lived 40 minutes from me in Grass Valley, California with his Dad.  We would often shop at the same mall (Peach Tree) in Yuba City before it flooded and my family would go to the big bike races in Grass Valley. We even went to the same old-time movie theatre that was in downtown Marysville.  I am almost sure there were times we must have passed each other and had no idea who each other were at the time.  It wasn’t until I came to Oklahoma for college in 1989, that we were introduced by the man who would later become our best man in our wedding.  It was often weird to think of all the similar places we’d been to growing up when we would talk after we met.  ~ Serendipity

Our relationship is special and unique and I love the things that make it this way.  When we talk of our relationship to others, sometimes they almost seem in shock when we talk about our relationship and what makes it special.  We both didn’t ever date that much.  I never had anything really all that serious until college and even then, it never was all that serious.  Then I met him.  He said he knew the first time he saw me he was going to marry me . . . Yeah, that still makes me smile . . . We met my first week of college.  I was there for what used to be called “Neat Week” at Oklahoma Christian (Oklahoma Christian College at the time).  Incoming freshman came a week early before classes officially started to get a prep week of intro to college classes.  I went to the Student Union to check my mail for that day, he was there with a mutual friend and we were officially introduced.   The three of us ended up talking for hours.  He kept his eye on me, but we didn’t really talk that much after that, only in passing, for the next year and a half.  It wasn’t until I had dated a few guys and grew weary of that scene that he would pop up again.  It was almost as if he was waiting for me to grow up a bit.  It was Christmas break of my second year that my brother came to pick me up from my dorm so I can fly home to Cali for break.  Scott helped me load stuff in the car and as we drive off my brother says, “He likes you.”  . . . I looked puzzled and was like “what??” “Yeah, he likes you”,  my brother replied.   He was just a friend helping a gal out, or so I thought.  Well . . . we had gone to OC’s Cocoa & Carols banquet together, but only went as friends.  That was the start of the spark I suppose. ~ Serendipity


Spent the next Spring semester just hanging out, being friends. Everyone thought we been dating that whole year . . . nope just friends.  We were having a good of time just being at ease with each other, no pressures, just two people enjoying each other’s company. Hadn’t really occurred to us to make anything more of it, or at least I hadn’t.  Not until near the end of that semester when Scott took me out to what is known at OC as the “Forum” did things change.   He sat me down and said to me, “I’ve got something I need to tell you,  I’m not sure of it all, but I going to just tell you and go from there . . . I Love you.”  You see we had just been “friends” up to that point, he said he was taking a risk of letting it all out in one swoop . . . or was he . . . I’m thinking he had me already hooked.  You see, there was a different evening we were joking around, something was said and he walked off upset, I walked off upset . . . I spent the rest of that evening thinking how close we had gotten and what a great friend he had become.  What was said and done to make us upset was irrelevant and wasn’t worth risking an end to the friendship that had developed.  Telling me he loved me wasn’t a risk, is was just confirming was each of us already knew . . .  and the rest is history . . . spending the next year and a half planning a wedding . . . pic below is the Spring Formal for one of our clubs taken at the Oklahoma state Capital steps . . . officially dating . . . those glasses though ~ Serendipity


Now you ask what was that special thing or things that tends to set us apart that I alluded to earlier . . . well, if you let me be real honest here, and I don’t think Scott minds . . . we saved ourselves for marriage.  Yes that right.  In this Day-in-Age where relationships are as frivolous as frivolous can be, it’s hard to find the ones where two people come to each other as God intended.  It was an easy thing for me.  Something I saw that had worked in the relationships I knew, with my Parents being one of those examples . . . they just recently re vowed to each other at their 50th anniversary last summer.   Something that I want to pass as an example to my own kids someday as well . . . The example of a marriage that goes beyond the norm.  An illustration was given to me a few years ago in a Mother/Daughter class at church I took with my own daughter.  The example was . . . your heart is that of a paper heart, With each relationship you have that doesn’t last, a piece of your heart gets torn away, crumpled and tossed aside.  One day when you met your prince your goal is to have a heart that is whole, not one that has been in pieces.  Saving yourself for your one prince.  I couldn’t have explained it better for my daughter to hear.   I am very thankful that when my Prince came, he didn’t have to piece back together my heart . . . but even if he had to, He knows my soul, loves it and loves the whole part of me unconditionally. The way Christ has shown love to us.  I could not love a person more with every ounce of my being, than I do him, Two peas in a pod we are and I love him.


The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way




With God’s divine grace . . . Two people together forever

Dec 19, 1992 we become The Newhouses’

Below is a link to our wedding pics . . . the song playing is the song Scott sang to me in the ceremony, originally sung by Michael W Smith

Wedding Pics Montage

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Adam Sandler Grow old with You